Zuzanna Janin

Excerpts taken from: On the Course of Milada's Dismissal
in: Strajk!

Dear Polish Forum of Contemporary Art,
Not until today () I join those who took the floor about the course of Milada Ślizińska's dismissal, what moved me deeply. ()
I am a firm opponent of abusing strong women for who they are, for their specific approach to work, for their outstanding personality, which can be difficult. I do not accept neither unjust opinions about them nor convenient elimination. That is why I come out against acts of violence at work towards distinguished people, only because of their dificult character, which manifests itself by firing / not employing / eliminating from work, as well as from projects and exhibitions. Also Milada Ślizińska's... What they do, not who they are, is what counts here. The effect, and what is the most important: professionally accomplished task, is what counts. In fact, from the beginning of her work in CSW, Milada was criticized (always for the same thing); in discussions and critiques I always stood up for her because of arguments mentioned above and now I am doing the same. However, we should remember that professionalism in our field is also a collaboration with a human being, with a co-worker, with a living artist - an ideal would be an attitude combining strength and professionalism with elegance and cordiality. Well, it is not always easy to obtain... and Milada, with her strength and unquestionable professionalism, was an example of a deterrent approach to others within the institution, including the ones who stepped on her toes for (often unclear) reasons. From my point of view, there is no surprise that opinions about it were divided because of that.
Yours faithfully, Zuzanna Janin artist, leader of OFSW Artists in 2009-2010 member of the group Standards and Procedures OFSW